January 23, 2008

Firefoxeh goodness!

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You may have seen the posts I made regarding Stylish and userscripts. Stylish is a FireFox plugin that allows you to load scripts written in CSS, to modify website that you view. It changes their appearance in Firefox to be more pleasing to the end user.

My web experience would be very frustrating with the use of Stylish and Greasemonkey both, as I have vision impairment and darker pages with light text are optimal for my viewing pleasure.

  My Google search with scripts installed.

Firefox is my ONLY browser at home and work. If I run across a website that does not view in FF, it gets dumped and I never revisit it.

In another article, I will post my Stylish scripts I have installed as well as Greasemonkey scripts and FF extensions. It’s quite a list, let me tell ya!

Why use Firefox instead of IE?


Google Search EXTREME Cleaner

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Google Search EXTREME Cleaner | userstyles.org

Google Search EXTREME Cleaner

Google Search EXTREME Cleaner
By Vitj0k

Last updated Jan 23 2008

Removes all unnecessary elements on search result page of google.
It leaves only search field and results. In the form of link and description only.

Just see the screenshots.

Configured for google.com and google.de. For other locations, please change the code.

Update(Jan 23 2008):
– To keep cache links and regular site URL’s, uncomment following code
span.a, a.fl, nobr {
display:inline !important;
– Hidden some related search results

Before                                           After