January 23, 2008

The List of the 52 (yes, fifty two) BEST Firefox extensions

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As promised, here is my loooooong list of extensions, complete with links so that if one interests you, it’s clickable and will take you right to it! This is MY “Best-Of” list 🙂 YMMV………
The list on my work PC isn’t this long, but pretty much has the same goodies.

Last updated:

Thu, 24 Jan 2008 01:58:48 GMT

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Plugins (9):

  • 2007 Microsoft Office system
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Coupons Inc Bricks Plugin
  • Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
  • Mozilla Default Plug-in
  • QuickTime Plug-in 7.3
  • Shockwave Flash
  • Windows Genuine Advantage
  • Yahoo! activeX Plug-in Bridge

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Some new tips!

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A few of these I didn’t know about – a great reference!

Firefox Tips you May Not Know About (Part 2)from Makeuseof.com

By Mark O’Neill

Every day I find new Firefox tips and tricks that I didn’t know about and then I find out that other people didn’t know about them either. So here’s what I discovered recently to make you more of a Firefox power-user. Some of them are useful keyboard shortcuts to keep your hand away from that mouse, and others are just regular tips to optimize and improve your use of Firefox.


firefoxsearchenginebar.pngCTRL and K – moves your cursor up to the search engine plug-in box. Once you’re there, CTRL and the up / down arrows on your keyboard will jump from search engine to search engine.

CTRL + SHIFT + T – re-opens the last closed tab.

SPACEBAR : scrolls down the webpage you’re on.

SHIFT and the SPACEBAR : scrolls up the webpage you’re on.

F11 – removes the browser bars and makes the webpage full screen. Press F11 again to go back to normal.

CTRL + T – Opens a new tab window.


viewmenufirefox.pngRemove toolbars from the browser without uninstalling them : sometimes you need a toolbar to disappear as it takes up too much space on your browser. But at the same time, you will need that toolbar at some point and so you don’t want to uninstall it. Well, you can temporarily hide it by doing the following :

Go to View then Toolbars. Untick the toolbar you want to disappear and then it will be gone. To bring it back again, go back to View, Toolbars and re-tick it. The toolbar will then re-appear.

ffcalc.pngUse your Google search plug-in as a calculator : you can do this already on the normal Google page and you can also do it in the Firefox search plug-in. Just enter your numbers and mathematical symbols from your keyboard number-pad and the result will be shown in the search suggestions box. Of course you will already have the Windows calculator installed on your computer but if you have Firefox already open, you may find this facility a little more convenient.

firefoxpassword.pngReveal saved passwords in Firefox : I don’t use the saved passwords function in Firefox as I am totally paranoid about online security but there is apparently a javascript code you can enter into the Firefox address bar to reveal a saved password in Firefox. Having the browser save your passwords is all well and good but this can make you forget the actual password eventually since you are not typing it in every day. So if you need the actual password for any reason, just input the following code into the address bar and the password will be revealed in a pop-up box :

javascript:(function(){var s,F,j,f,i; s = “”; F = document.forms; for(j=0; j<F.length; ++j) { f = F[j]; for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i) { if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == “password”) s += f[i].value + “\n”; } } if (s) alert(”Passwords in forms on this page:\n\n” + s); else alert(”There are no passwords in forms on this page.”);})();

Tweak Firefox’s “Responsiveness”

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Firefox’s “Responsiveness” Config Setting from the How-To Geek

Have you ever noticed that sometimes Firefox
isn’t very responsive while loading a page? As a frequent StumbleUpon user,
this behavior grates on my nerves so I went looking for a solution.

When Firefox is loading a page it uses one of two modes: There’s a high
priority mode that doesn’t pay as much attention to your mouse and keyboard,
but loads the page faster. There’s also a lower priority mode that interrupts
the parser more often to respond to input events. It’s even documented at Mozillazine.

What we can do is tweak the amount of time before Firefox switches from
lower priority mode back into high priority mode.

Type about:config into the Firefox address bar, and then filter by
the following:



Most likely the key doesn’t exist yet, so you’ll have to set it by right-clicking
in the empty area and selecting New \ Integer. Use these values when prompted:

  • Key Name:
  • Key Value:

The default value is 750000, or 3/4 of a second. The more time that you tell
Firefox to wait before resuming high priority mode, the more responsive the
application will feel… but it will obviously take a little longer to load the
pages. You could reverse this if you were more worried about speeding up page
load time.

Note that this setting only works if you haven’t changed content.interrupt.parsing
to false.

The Geek is the founder of
How-To Geek and a geek enthusiast. When he’s not coming up with great how-to
articles, he’s probably writing at his personal blog.


Firefoxeh goodness!

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You may have seen the posts I made regarding Stylish and userscripts. Stylish is a FireFox plugin that allows you to load scripts written in CSS, to modify website that you view. It changes their appearance in Firefox to be more pleasing to the end user.

My web experience would be very frustrating with the use of Stylish and Greasemonkey both, as I have vision impairment and darker pages with light text are optimal for my viewing pleasure.

  My Google search with scripts installed.

Firefox is my ONLY browser at home and work. If I run across a website that does not view in FF, it gets dumped and I never revisit it.

In another article, I will post my Stylish scripts I have installed as well as Greasemonkey scripts and FF extensions. It’s quite a list, let me tell ya!

Why use Firefox instead of IE?

Stylish 0.5.3

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Stylish :: Firefox Add-ons

Stylish 0.5.3 Homepage
by np

Customize the look of the application and of websites with Stylish, a user styles manager.

Stylish allows easy management of user styles. User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client, or just have fun. With an online repository at userstyles.org, you don’t even need to know how to write styles yourself; just a couple clicks and the chosen style is applied. Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript, and unlike other methods of using user styles, most styles take effect immediately.

User guide: http://userstyles.org/stylish/help
Bug reports and feature requests: http://userstyles.org/stylish/discussion
Works with:

* Firefox Firefox: 1.5 – 3.0a9

Developer Comments
*** If you’re creating your own styles, remember to include !important in every declaration like so:

* {
color: blue !important;
Version 0.5.3 — October 6, 2007 — 161 KB

Some minor bug fixes, bumped maxversions, additional locales.

Complete Version History

Google Search EXTREME Cleaner

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Google Search EXTREME Cleaner | userstyles.org

Google Search EXTREME Cleaner

Google Search EXTREME Cleaner
By Vitj0k

Last updated Jan 23 2008

Removes all unnecessary elements on search result page of google.
It leaves only search field and results. In the form of link and description only.

Just see the screenshots.

Configured for google.com and google.de. For other locations, please change the code.

Update(Jan 23 2008):
– To keep cache links and regular site URL’s, uncomment following code
span.a, a.fl, nobr {
display:inline !important;
– Hidden some related search results

Before                                           After