Reading online is one of my passions. It was a great day when I found Google Reader and was able to navigate my way around RSS and Atom feeds! I love reading just about anything on which I can lay my hands.

Being an avid reader, I often throttle myself about the lack of time that I have to read published works: but if you would count the amount of reading I do online, it would amount to about a 500 page book per week!

With all the feeds to which I am subscribed, most are specific to a certain category. I have yet to find one that combines many interests or blogs into one: so being a niche that I feel is viable, I will be doing just that!

My interest vary from cooking, organization, software, hardware, blogging, computer building and repair, frugality in daily life and a whole gamut of other things that would truly take me a roll of toilet paper to list (it would be that long).

So step on inside, and surf TEH INTARWEBS with me – and take a glimpse into the knowledge that I gain each and every day!


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