January 24, 2008

Amateurs unite! Post your work and get published in one fell swoop! From Of Zen and Computing

Posted in art, photography at 12:13 pm by @LULAROEFAIL

ShutterSphere Publishes Amateurs’ Photos in Print and on the Web

Photographers may upload their work directly to the ShutterSphere Web site, where submissions are rated and commented on by other visitors. Submissions are then selected for publication in print.

ShutterSphere’s format revolves around photographic themes. The themes for the first issue will be Environment, Winter, Alternative Angles, and Odds & Ends.

Founder Jack Prominski takes some of his inspiration from JPG Magazine, but looks to provide a showcase that is more accessible to amateurs.

“Right now, at least, ShutterSphere is mainly about the ease of getting the average hobbyist’s work published, something that is very difficult to do in JPG.”

Competition for a spot in more popular publications such as JPG is extremely tough.

As ShutterSphere goes through its infancy, it hopes to include most, if not all of the current submissions in its first issue. If the rate of submission grows beyond the capacity of one issue, Prominski may devise a system that takes the community’s input into account in order to choose which photos are published.

ShutterSphere will be accepting pre-orders for issue 1 within the coming days. Although the final price has not been set, those who wish to order a copy can expect to pay between $5 and $10. ShutterSphere is currently seeking advertising and funding in order to offset production costs for future issues.


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