January 23, 2008

Tweak Firefox’s “Responsiveness”

Posted in FireFox, tips -n- tricks at 12:23 pm by @LULAROEFAIL

Firefox’s “Responsiveness” Config Setting from the How-To Geek

Have you ever noticed that sometimes Firefox
isn’t very responsive while loading a page? As a frequent StumbleUpon user,
this behavior grates on my nerves so I went looking for a solution.

When Firefox is loading a page it uses one of two modes: There’s a high
priority mode that doesn’t pay as much attention to your mouse and keyboard,
but loads the page faster. There’s also a lower priority mode that interrupts
the parser more often to respond to input events. It’s even documented at Mozillazine.

What we can do is tweak the amount of time before Firefox switches from
lower priority mode back into high priority mode.

Type about:config into the Firefox address bar, and then filter by
the following:



Most likely the key doesn’t exist yet, so you’ll have to set it by right-clicking
in the empty area and selecting New \ Integer. Use these values when prompted:

  • Key Name:
  • Key Value:

The default value is 750000, or 3/4 of a second. The more time that you tell
Firefox to wait before resuming high priority mode, the more responsive the
application will feel… but it will obviously take a little longer to load the
pages. You could reverse this if you were more worried about speeding up page
load time.

Note that this setting only works if you haven’t changed content.interrupt.parsing
to false.

The Geek is the founder of
How-To Geek and a geek enthusiast. When he’s not coming up with great how-to
articles, he’s probably writing at his personal blog.



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